2014 showcase

First Step.....

Thanks for stumbling to my web.

*I will be more than happy to do some sort of animation test that suit your company profile to showcase my present skills. I want you to assure you about all aspects in terms of skills rather than keep second guessing.*

I apologize that I haven't update my reels for quite a while. Works piled up this past few years and its hard to assemble a reel to showcase my recent skill set. I will update it as soon as i'm done herding all those shots into reel.

Hopefully this old reel can give you a sneak peak about me as animator. Feel free to look around my web, give comment or message about anything.

I'm currently open for job offer or any form of offer, easiest way to contact me is to email me at alvinsuryaputr@gmail.com

Alvin S

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